Biharis Attitude Towards Bangladesh

Behari people like their own language, culture and as well as Bangladeshi language and culture also. Some camp residents think of themselves as Pakistani or Indian and would like to be reunited with family members in Pakistan or India. This repatriation could be funded by money already put aside by the Pakistani or Indian government. Others, who have never been to and have no family in Pakistan or India, can only imagine a life in Bangladesh. Those Biharis that are keen to establish lives as Bangladeshi citizens sometimes see “no other way” and marry local Bangladeshis. Others, such as 20-year-old Abdul, who survives hand to mouth as a garment factory worker, says he would like to go to Pakistan. In any case, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is not addressing the plight of the Biharis


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