Me & My


My name is Md. Shahadat Hossain. I am studying in American International University – Bangladesh. Here I am doing my BBA with double major. My first major is Accounting & Finance, where the second is Economics.  I was born and grew up in a small city called  Rangamati. Its a small hilly area in Bangladesh. Although I live in Rangamati but my origin is in Noakhali. 

When time came up to pick my career options, I was discussing the issue with my dad, asking him some suggestions. He was so reluctant and careless, and said ‘whatever you like’. Possibly, he knew my ultimate destination, Business. He cant stop me doing that and that was the reason, probably, he was so reluctant. He is my hero and model for ever. He never forced me to do things, rather taught me: this will happen if you do this, and this will happen if you do not do this. I believe this is the best way to teach your beloved little ones. He taught me to respect humans, regardless the person’s age, race, religion, sex, or personal belongings.

me is this toooo mody....!!!

I love humans so as all other living creatures on the earth, probably as like as my own life. Therefore, my life would be successful if I can do anything that would help making the world a better to live for all living beings. Other than this life philosophy, I have a very affectionate family relationship with my parents, four sisters and one brother. My dad is a retd. Govt. officer and mom is a housewife, they live in my childhood town Rangamati in Bangladesh.





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